Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi (Vol.1)
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Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi (Vol.1)

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In the world of Qawwali singing Ustad Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi’s name is a sub continental legend that is remembered with pride, respect and admiration. The genius of Ustad Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi and the pristine glory of the art of Qawwali singing is encapsulated in this classic collection which also includes some rarely heard Ghazal masterpieces. Volume –I of the series features ‘Pas Ate Hain Mere, Faqueerana, Bahut kathin Hai, Kab Ayee Ambia and Chhap Tilak’. • Qawwali:Pas Ate Hain Mere • Ghazal:Faqueera Na Aaye • Qawwali:Bahut kathin Hai • Ghazal:Kab Aayee Ambiya • Naat:Chaap Tilak Sab Chini Re

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