Borgeet Vol 2
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Borgeet Vol 2

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Mahapurush Srimanta Sankaradev & Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhavadev

The name borgeet is popularly ascribed to a special set of devotional songs, set in raga, composed during the late 15th and the early 16th centuries A.D.  by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankaradev & his disciple Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhavadev, the two chief exponent of Vaishnavism in Assam. According to the Carita Puthis, Mahapurush Srimanta Sankaradev and Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhavadev referred to their songs as geet only.  The adjective Bor, therefore, must have been a later reverential addition by the devout disciples of the two Vaishnava priests, which might bear upon the musical grandeur of the songs too.

1. Raga Shri (Evening)

2. Raga Borari (Afternoon to Evening)

3. Raga Mahur Dhanashri (Til midnight)

4. Raga Mahur (Evening)

5. Raga Asowari (Evening)

6. Raga Belowar ( Afternoon to Evening)

7. Raga Suhai (Evening)

8. Raga Sindhura (Evening)

9. Raga Mallar (Evening)

10. Raga Naat Mallar (Till Midnight)

11. Raga Bhupali (Till Midnight)

12.Raga Kamod (Till Midnight)

13. Raga Kedar (Afternoon to Evening)

14. Raga Mahur Dhanashri (Till Midnight)


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