Komala Varadan
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Komala Varadan

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Komala Varadan is a well-known name in the artistic realm of Bharatanatyam. A quintessential artiste, Komala excels in many other forms of creative arts. She is also a painter, photographer, writer and researcher. 

More than half a century after she set her dancing feet on stage, the beholder realises that Komala was born to dance.

Among her performences, is a rare adaptation of Tulsidas's Sri Ramacharitmanas into traditional Bharatanatyam 


  • Expression


  • Pushpanjali
  • Bal Kaand
  • Sita Swayamvaram
  • Ram Vanavas
  • Panchavati 
  • Kishkindha Kaand
  • Ashok Vatika Samwad
  • Rama-Ravana Yuddh
  • Pattabhishekam
  • Arati
  • Maya- A mono Ballet
  • panchali shabdam
  • varanam



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