Lalgudi G Jayaraman
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Lalgudi G Jayaraman

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Lalgudi G.Jayaraman, the leading violin artiste and a living legend is the great grandson of Lalgudi Rama Iyer, a direct disciple of Sri Tyagaraja and later a court vidvan of Mysore. Jayaraman's abundant mastery in music, on the violin, in particular is stupendous. He always sticks to the Gayaki style, bringing forth the aesthetics, but never exceeding the limits of a faithful accompanist. Being also a prolific composer, Jayaraman has a nuber of Varnams Kritis and Tillanas to his credit, the latter ones are very popular among dance Artistes. In this DVD there are three parts, the first being Jayaraman playing with the support of his son, Krishnan, on the violin, Karaikkudi Mani on the mrudangam and Srirangam Kannan on the Mukhasangu. The second part has G. Harisankar on the Khanjira, besides Krishnan and Karaikkudi Mani. The third part contains a violin duet by GJR Krishnan and his sister, Vijayalakshmi with Guruvayur Durai on the mrudangam and N. Govindarajan on the Ghatam, while the final section has a solo violin recital by Vijayalakshmi with the accompaniments of J. Vaidyanathan (Mrudangam) and A.S. Sankar (Ghatam). The whole DVD offers a sumptuous feast of violin music made delicious by these great artistes.


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