Manna Dey Vol 1
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Manna Dey Vol 1

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In the glittering world of Hindi film music, the sun-drenched, radiant melodies from the films and their incandescent, romantically linked lyrics have always played a very special role. Hummed by the common man and resonating all over the country, these songs have a life of their own, as they did in the days of yore, when sung by stalwarts like K.L. Sehgal, Pankaj Mallik and K.C. Dey for the films emanating from Mumbai and Kolkata. When those stalwarts disappeared from the scene, Manna Dey rose in the musical horizon as a shining star, singing away an infinite variety of compositions with gay abandon. He has been reigning in the scene and enthralling millions with his lilting songs for five decades now, and considering that natural voices and musical instruments held supreme in those days, sans any manipulation by electronic gadgetry, the emitted sound had to be crystal clear. For Manna, now 85, it has been an outstanding achievement spanning all these years.

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