Ramacharitmanas Lankakaand
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Ramacharitmanas Lankakaand

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Ramacharitmanas' of Tulsidas is one of the greatest epics of Indian Literature, in which the various events and episodes of Lord Rama's life are described with great devotion and superb narrative skill. There are seven chapters in 'Ramacharitmanas'. The melodious flow of the poetic lines regales the listeners with a beautifully memorable experience. 

This version of Ramacharitmanas was recorded at Bhopal Station of All India Radio between 1978 1980 and broadcast thereafter.

The Ramacharitmans was recorded in the voice of following artistes:

01-                       Shri Biraj Bhushan Basu

02-                       Shri Ram Kishan Chandeshri

03-                       Ms. Jayshree Thatte

04-                       Shri Jagdish Singh Thakur

05-                       Ms. Surekha Kalkar

06-                       Ms. Kusum Badodkar

07-                       Ms. Manjula Pancholi

08-                       Ms. K.Sitavasanta Laxmi

09-                       Shri Awadesh Prasad Tripathi

10-                       Ms. Shalini Gaikwad

11-                       Shri Indra Kumar Gupta

12-                       Mohamad Ahmed Anees

13-                       Ms. Vasundhra Telang

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