Shri Jagannath Bhajanavali Vol 4
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Shri Jagannath Bhajanavali Vol 4

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World religions and religious philosophies find their essential features reflected in Lord Jagannath. His Mundane sport in the guise of a human being has brought the mankind together. Devout poets of Odisha have eloquently eulogized him over a period of five centuries. Spontaneous devotional strain, ecstatic outpouring of their hearts and complete surrender as depicted in their writings/poems have made Odia singers adorable and captivating. Melodious cadence of their gifted voice is creating spiritual ripples among innumerable devotrees even today. These voices which in the past rendered a unique magical effect on the devotees in Odisha were almost lost in oblivion. The Akashvani Archives has made arduous effort to retrieve and enliven them in the minds of thousands of listeners.1. Thakaa Mana Chaala Jibaa Sariaa Bhika 3'28"2. Kaanhinki Na Bhaju Mana Ballavaananda 4'26"3.Chandana Laagi Samaye Shrichandan 4'01"4.Aasa Aasa Baula Phula Abhiram Paramhansa 2'58"5.Jaya Jaya Jagannatha Dinakrushna 4'27"6.Mote Sehi Rupa Salabega 4'53"7.Chakaadila Chikkana Kalia Banamali 4'04"8.Kalaa Dhalaa Sodare Banamali 4'32"9.Aei Mana Sinaa Achyutananda Das 3'00"10.Aahe Nila Shaila Salabega 3'55"11.Dinabandhu Daitaari Banamali 3'47"12.Gunanidhi Mo Salabega 4'12"13.Aahe Mahaabaahu Traditional 3'44"14.Aparaadha Kibaa Nityananda 4'10"15.Chakradhara He Baishnaba Pani 4'26"16.Jagata Bhagata Jana Bhima Bhoi 3'14"

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