Siddheshwari Devi
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Siddheshwari Devi

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Siddheshwari Devi Carnatic Vocal Born on 8th August 1908, in Banaras, Siddheshwari Devi had her initial training in Indian Classical music from Pandit Siyaji Maharaj. Siddheshwari Devi's music represented Banaras Gharana style, which lays more emphasis on the intensity of feelings and expression of emotions through musical notes and voice modulations. A stalwart of thumri, Siddheshwari's music also included khayals, dhrupads, dadras, tappas, kajris, chaitis, horis and bhajans.

1. Introduction by Smt. Savita Devi 2:07 

2.Bandish Thumri in Rag Mishr Paraj 22:43 

3.Dadra 03:30 

4.Tappa in Rag Bhairavi 03:20

5.Thumri in Rag Mishra Tilak Kamod 20:59

6.Tappa 09:40

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