T Brinda & T Mukta
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T Brinda & T Mukta

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T.Brinda & T.Mukta T. Brinda and T. Mukta, the famous singing duo of Carnatic music, were born into a family of court dancers of Tanjavur. Brinda showed exceptional musical talent as a child and at the age of nine her mother kamakshi took her to kanchipuram Nayana Pillai for training in Manodharma Sangitam, then regarded as a male preserve. After four years of Gurukulavasam, she returned home and began to acquire a vast repertoire of Padams and Javalis from her grandmother and aunts. Mukta joined her and in their long partnership of forty years they made a tremendous contribution to Carnatic music by popularising this genre in music concertsto the extent of becoming identified with it.

1.Saveri 04:57

 2.Kambhoji 10:58

 3.Kapi 05:27 

4.Sahana 08:57 

5.Todi 11:38

6.Khamas 03:33

7. Bega 06:34 

8.Punnaga Varali 08:46

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