T N Krishnan Vol 1
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T N Krishnan Vol 1

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Best of two decades of lyrical concerts for Doordarshan by Carnatic Violin Maestro T.N. Krishnan The twentieth century produced a galaxy of legendry violinists and it would be (invidious) to mention only some of them. The latter half of the century witnessed the emergence of a number of talented violinists in the sphere of karnatic music and among them T.N.Krishnan is a phenomenon. Krishnan was born at Parur on October 16th, 1928 as the eldest son of Narayana Iyer who was himself a violinist. His initial training was under his father and later he received intensive grooming from the doyen Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. Krishnan's innate genius expressed itself very early and he commenced giving accompaniment from the age of ten. He was only 15 and still in school when the prestigious Madras Music Academy invited him to accompany a prominent vocalist. He also drew inspiration from the renowned violinist of yester years, (Papa) K.S. Venkataramayya, in shaping his essentially rich style full of gamakas.


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