Vidushi Sharan Rani Vo l 2
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Vidushi Sharan Rani Vo l 2

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Vidushi Sharan Rani (Vol-2) Sarod Music legend Sharan Rani was one of the foremost master musicians of the 20th century. Popularly known as Sarid Rani or the Queen of Sarod, she became an institution in herself. She was called the Cultural Ambassador of India by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. A torch bearer of India classical music, she presented her Sarod recitals in India and abroad for over six decades, including in all major music festivals, in the biggest concert halls, in front of Kings, Queens and Heads of States.

1 Raag:Jaunpuri 27:46

2 Raag:Hem Hindol 37:16

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